Oilers GM appears to confirm major trade rumors.

Chiarelli adds fuel to the fire.

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The rumors are flying fast today and most of them focus on the possibility of Montreal Canadiens superstar defenseman P.K. Subban being traded

According to one report from former NHL player Georges Laraque, who has connections to the Oilers, Montreal has requested Edmonton's 4th overall pick in the draft as well as young center Leon Draisaitl in exchange for their number one defenseman.

Today when speaking to the media Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli didn't even attempt to hide his top priority.

“It’s no secret we’re in the market for a defenceman, and we’re fully engaged and we’ve got a pretty high pick,” said Chiarelli as per “It’s actually been exciting and it will ramp up (Friday).”

As for potential motivation for making a trade that is likely going to cost him a great deal of assets Chiarelli's motivation is clear.

“How many number one D truly exist in the league? Maybe there’s 12, maybe there’s 15, but there’s not 30. So you’ve got a shortage of number one D, so to even think you can acquire a number one D is a tough task. The whole thing is tough.

“D are valuable components, but we’ve got some good players, we’ve got some good other assets and that’s what you look to deal when you try and do it."

Chiarelli admits he's had a lot of discussions regarding changes he could make to his club and he also indicated that Friday may be the deadline for any major deals as a result of the draft.

“(Friday) has no bearing on it unless the pick is involved, or a pick is involved. But it just so happens that everyone thinks that’s a milestone or deadline for these deals,” he said.i