Oilers introduce controversial ticket to home game.

It's... different?

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It's Playoffs frenzy in Edmonton and a LOT of people want to be part of the action. The Rogers Place only holds about 18,300 people, but the team found a creative way to bring more people (and money) in the system. 

Yahoo's Greg Wyshynski reports that the Oilers now offer a new type of tickets for the fans. For the modest ( right... ) sum of 80$, you can get inside the arena and...  

That's it in fact, you just get inside, since you don't have a seat assigned. These ''concourse'' tickets give you access to the hallways and the concessions, but you can't get a direct view on the ice. You will follow the game on the screens while sipping a 10$ beer and hearing other people having fun. 

Of course, no one is actually forced to buy the tickets and it's a different way to enjoy the Playoffs atmosphere. However, it's a bit over the top to charge 80$ to get this very limited access, to say the less. Moreover, the hallways have to be incredibly crowded with these new tickets holders in the way. An arena is always crowdy, but with hundreds of new people inside, it has to be a real nightmare. 

It's a safe bet to expect other teams to follow suit and offer the same kind of tickets in the years to come.