Oilers’ Kassian wants Maroon to forgive him

The former teammates and best friends fought in a heavyweight bout this week…

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Brothers sometimes have to face one another in intense tilts in the NHL. We can think of the two Tkachuks, one in Ottawa the other in Calgary or the trio of Stall brothers are having to do their best to make the other lose, however, we don’t give the same importance to best friends facing one another for victory. 

How about best friends fighting on the ice? 

That’s what happened earlier this week when Edmonton Oilers tough guy Zack Kassian dropped the gloves in front of his best friend Patrick Maroon of the St. Louis Blues, his best bud and former teammate. 

Some Oilers fans were upset to see Kassian pounding his former teammate, however, you have to admit that the fight is intense and quite exciting. Hockey players get it: we are friends - when we are not facing one another on the ice. 

On Thursday night, Kassian explained to the Edmonton Sun that he did not enjoy having to drop the mitts with Maroon. 

“I had dinner with him (the previous) night … I love him to death, but I have a job to do,” said Kassian. “I’ll test him after the game and I’ll hang with him this summer.”

Sure sounds like Kassian would like Maroon to forgive him. However, we already know the boys’ friendship will be fine. They’re hockey players, the game is the game, the job is the job! 

And on top of that, the Blues destroyed the Oilers 7-2 that night so Maroon can always shove that in Kassian’s face.