Oilers robbed of a goal on yet another blown call from NHL officials.

Not a good night for NHL officials.

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It was a rough night for the National Hockey League officials. After Francois St. Laurent , embarrassed officials as a whole earlier in the night when he looked so smug and pleased with himself after ejecting a head coach furious at bad calls made by his crew, the Oilers were robbed of a goal.

The Oilers were denied a game tying goal in the second period when forward Taylor Hall was robbed of a goal due to a premature whistle from a National Hockey League official. Frankly why the official felt such a fast whistle was warranted is mind boggling, the puck was at the very least being contested in front of the the net, and you could easily argue that the Wild never came close to possession of the puck.

The end result was the Oilers being denied a game tying goal, and they were never able to bounce back from that call, likely somewhat deflated by the poor officiating on the ice.