Olofsson signs a $6 million deal with the Sabres

The Swedish sniper gets PAID!


The Buffalo Sabres have signed RFA forward Victor Olofsson to a two-year contract worth $6.10 million with an average annual cap hit of $3.05 million.

Check it out:

The 25 year old winger put up 20 goals and 42 points in his rookie NHL campaign with the Sabres last season and has shown that he could be a 30+ goal scorer. In particular, he seemed to develop some chemistry with Sabres captain Jack Eichel.

"I think his work ethic and his dedication to hockey is probably the thing that jumps out the most," Sabres captain Jack Eichel said after the season. "Obviously, he wants to be a good hockey player. He cares about his game; he takes care of himself and he's constantly works on his shot. He definitely holds himself accountable. When you put those things together, you're bound to have success."

Olofsson sees even bigger numbers for himself in the future, both on the scoresheet and in his paycheck.

"I think that's something I've got to learn, just to be at a high level and be a threat all the time throughout an 82-game season," he said. "I think that's going to be the biggest challenge for me because I feel like I have the capability of scoring a lot of goals. So, I've just got to learn to manage the amount of games. That's my biggest challenge."