On this Day: Oilers sign Penner to MASSIVE offer sheet

Desperate times called for desperate measures...

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When an NHL restricted free-agent signs an offer sheet, it's a rare event. When the contract is declined by the team holding the player's right... it's almost unheard of. That's what makes the Edmonton Oilers signing of Dustin Penner so out of this world rare. Ten years ago today, July 26th, 2007, the Oilers made a monster move by signing Anaheim Ducks forward Dustin Penner to a 5 year offer sheet. 

It was a drastic move at the time and history proved it to be terrible decision by the Oilers. Of course, the offer sheet was not matched by the Ducks and Penner moved on to Oil Country. Even though Penner would ultimately flame out and retire from the NHL by age 30, he still had his career high season with them putting up 63 points during 2009-2010 season.