Ovechkin claims he’s never been hungover in his life!

Epic comments from the Capitals captain!

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We’ve all seen the videos and pictures of Alex Ovechkin partying for weeks on end last summer as the Washington Capitals won their first franchise championship. 

The party was endless, epic and seemed filled with alcohol. The Caps  partied in a hotel lobby, a Las Vegas nightclub, a charter flight , a Clarendon bar, Nationals Park and topped things off in the Georgetown Waterfront. 

We all remember as Ovechin was held up so he could do a kegstand and drink from the Cup. He then got into fountain, took off his shirt, swimming, doing pushups, and then jumping up and down with his teammates and a bunch of random people in shorts.

He also made headlines when he took the podium for his first speech as a Stanley Cup champion in which he famously said: 

“We’re not going to be f—ing suck this year! We’re Stanley Cup champions!”

The Russian superstar seemed to party all summer long. However, on Friday, as the Caps are fighting to remain the champions and pull back to back championships, Ovechkin revealed in an exclusive interview with NBC’s Roger Bennett from Men in Blazers that he can handle more partying than we think. 

“I’ve never been hangover," Ovi replies when asked about his best hangover cure. 

The Caps captain works hard and plays harder. Ovechkin ended the season with 51 goals, recording 91 points and propelled Washington to a Metropolitan Division title.