P.K. Subban blasts player for questionable hit, says he has no respect for him.

They face each other later this month.

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The Montreal Canadiens continued their downward spiral yesterday as they suffered yet another loss, this time a 4-2 defeat at the hands of the Flyers despite having a questionable 5 minute powerplay to work with in the games final minutes.

That powerplay came on an extremely late and extremely questionable call from NHL officials, long after Flyer Radko Gudas delivered a hit to Lucas Lessio that resulted in an injury to Lessio. On Wednesday Subban, speaking with Philadelphia Flyers insider Sam Carchidi, was extremely critcal of Gudas and suggested he was a dirty player.

"I thought it was low," Subban said after the Flyers defeated the fading Canadiens, 4-2, at the Wells Fargo Center. "I mean, when I saw the replay on the screen in front of the bench — I didn’t see it live — it looked like it was low. I don’t know the player personally but it seems like when you’re on the ice with him he’s the type of guy who will do stuff like that."

The hit was in fact low, but in defense of Gudas he is a player who does tend to deliver hip checks, and this seemed like a failed hip check more than a deliberate low bridge, although it's impossible to truly know the player's intent.

Subban wasn't so understanding however, and although he says this doesn't reflect on the team as a whole, he has no respect for Radko Gudas.

"I don’t think it’s anything that reflects on their team," he said. "They have guys that play the game hard and finish their checks, which you need to respect. But I don’t respect guys that do hits like that. You know what you’re doing in that situation, and I thought it was low."

The two teams meet later this month on February 19th in Montreal.