P.K. Subban makes huge donation to George Floyd’s daughter

He has convinced Gary Bettman to match it!

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New Jersey Devils defenceman PK Subban shared a video message on social media Wednesday with the caption, ‘Change The Game’, hoping to bring more awareness and make a difference. 

“Change the game means change the narrative. The narrative has been the same: no justice. There needs to be justice. Justice has to happen, change needs to come. But we need everyone. We need all people to look at our lives and see where we can help that change and do our part.”

Subban has always been very outspoken on ongoing racism and how we all need to do better to make the world a better place. 

He ended his video by announcing that he has donated $50,000 to George Floyd’ daughter, Gianna’s Go Fund Me page. On top of that, he made sure to call NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, who has matched the donation as well for the poor daughter who lost her father. 

Check out the video here: