P.K. Subban’s posted a photo on Facebook and, of course, it raises controversy.

Calm down people.

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Calm down people

On Friday it was P.K. Subban’s former teammate and friend’s wedding Andrei Markov.

Many were surprised that P.K. Subban was invited. Why? Well, during his time in Montreal many insiders reported conflicts between the two men. So far no controversy. Until P.K. Subban posted a picture with the following caption:

Andrei Markov has been one of the most influential people in my career—wouldn’t be where I am without him. Today we celebrate life and love … not a power-play goal! I love you marky and couldn’t be happier to be here for your special day!

Many Montreal Canadiens fans have been shocked by this photo and this time it was not against P.K. Subban. It was more against Marc Bergevin’s decision to trade him due to his “locker room problems.” Let’s admit it, you don’t go to someone’s wedding if you don’t like them. 

Fans are raging in the comments against Montreal’s GM and it appears to be a huge controversy in Montreal today.