Pastrnak dips into his pockets for Kendall Coyne Schofield for popular Dunkin’ Donuts commercial

A classy move from Pasta.

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If you’re a Boston Bruins fan you’re used to seeing about 500 Dunkin’ ads every time your team is on TV. Hell… you don’t even have to be a Bruins fan, as NBC Sports plays the same ads seemingly on a rotation.

Of course, last season Burins forward David Pastrnak made a bit of a name for himself with this Dunkin’ ad that’s both simultaneously incredible and awful.

Check it out:

This season Pasta is back at it with Dunkin, but he’s partnered with NBC broadcaster and accomplished women’s player Kendall Coyne Schofield.

Check it out:

Not gonna lie… that’s pretty cute haha

Even better though, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman shares the story of how Pastrnak took less in payment from Dunkin’ in order to ensure that Schofield received equal pay.

Check it out:

Familiar with that Dunkin’ commercial featuring Kendall Coyne Schofield and David Pastrnak? The company previously used Pastrnak in a successful ad campaign, and wanted both players this time. Although it would be commonplace for the Bruins’ winger to get a raise, the budget would not allow that because the desire was for both to receive equal pay. Pastrnak agreed to make it work. Schofield appreciated the gesture.

All class. Kudos, Pasta. Kudos.