Pat Maroon begs NHL to give Tim Peel a second chance

The two-time Stanley Cup champion stuns everyone with his plea.


Tampa Bay Lightning veteran Pat Maroon can be quite vocal, and fans are stunned by what he has to say. 

On Wednesday, the National Hockey League announced that referee Tim Peel will no longer work NHL games “now or in the future” after his comments about a Nashville penalty were heard on a hot mic during Tuesday’s  Red Wings - Predators  game. Comments made by Peel were caught on a hot mic and it was determined that it was Peel. After Viktor Arvidsson was called for tripping Jon Merrill, Peel was heard on the FOX broadcast saying, “It wasn’t much, but I wanted to get a fuckin’ penalty against Nashville early in the …” before the audio cut out.

Maroon revealed to team insider Joe Smith of The Athletic that he feels bad for Peel and seems to beg the NHL to allow him to play one last game before he needs to quit. 

“I believe people deserve a second chance. Just a mistake. I’m sure a lot of refs, a lot of people have done that, but hadn’t been caught on mics. I feel bad for Timmy. Hope they give him one last game.”

Peel was set to retire and officiate his last game on April 24. He sure won’t get the goodbye he was expecting with this hot mic incident, even though Maroon is hoping he does. 

Maroon is one of the ver few NHLers defending Peel for what he was caught doing, maybe because he is aware that he is not the only one. The difference here is that Peel was caught red-handed or mic-handed… 

Do you think Maroon makes a valid point that the NHL should give Peel a second chance or at least one more game before his retirement?