Pathetic suspension handed to Andriy Denyskin for racist gesture!



This is a bad joke. The incident, for those unaware, occurred back on September 26th during a game between HC Donbass, whom Jalen Smereck plays for, and HC Kremenchuk in the Ukrainian Hockey League. Between whistles, Smereck and Andriy Denyskin appeared to share words when Denyskin went way, way, waaaay over the line by miming peeling a banana and eating it. The intent, I suppose, was to compare the dark skinned Smereck to an ape, which is unacceptable. 

This prompted Smereck, a player who spent time in the Arizona Coyotes organization to take a personal leave of absence from his team and from professional hockey in general as he awaited Denyskin to be punished. 

“I will not play another game in the [Ukrainian Hockey League] until Andrey Denyskin is suspended and removed from the league. Thank you.”

The verdict from the Ukrainian Hockey League came on Wednesday and it’s absolutely pathetic. 

Denyskin has been suspended three games + 10 games ( however, he can come back after 3 suspended games if he pays a fine of ₴50 000, which equals around 1883 US$.). The decision was made by the Disciplinary Committee of the Ice Hockey Federation of Ukraine. 

This is unacceptable. So disappointing ... can't imagine how Smereck will react to this ridiculous suspension. You have to assume that the IIHF will get involved here! 

HC Kremenchuk demands reconsideration! And so do we!