Paulina Gretzky attends Masters in support of fiancé Dustin Johnson

She has a green mask to match her man’s potential green jacket!

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The Masters might have been pushed back to November due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it did not stop Paulina Gretzky from attending and supporting her fiancé Dustin Johnson in his quest for his first green jacket, as per the New York Post. 

Many shots of Paulina was taken as the stunning woman was cheering Johnson on in a low-cut top in the background on Thursday. As always, she looks amazing despite having to bring on a mask. She chose the color green for it, probably hoping it will match her man’s potential green jacket. 

This is great support for Johnson, who admitted in September how important Paulina was successful to his success on the greens. 

“She’s a huge part of me, our family and my success,” Johnson said. “She’s home with the kids, and has been great with that, and just has been a huge supporter for me, with everything I need to do. She understands everything it takes to get to where you want to be and the sacrifices you have to make.
“Having her dad as the greatest hockey player, she understands. You couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

Of course, Paulina is the daughter of legendary Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky, but has gathered as much attention as her father. Especially with gorgeous pictures like this one. 

Johnson is now is tied for the lead at the Masters.