Paulina Gretzky rocks a bikini and shows off dance moves during quarantine

Oh... oh my.

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It's a tough life being stuck in quarantine when you're the daughter of The Great One and one of the great golfers in the world...

Paulina Gretzky, daughter of Wayne Gretzky and wife of PGA Tour superstar Dustin Johnson, has apparently been working on her tan... I mean dance moves while in quarantine and... you know what? I ain't angry about it...

Check out this impromptu little dance video that Gretzky's sister-in-law Sam Maddox posted to Tik-Tok yesterday afternoon (Gretzky in blue, Maddox in black):

Not THAT'S a pair I wouldn't mind being quarantined with... like indefinitely.

Without further ago though... let's just see some more shots of Ms. Gretzky, shall we?