Penguins go to Nashville restaurant, get hilariously trolled by the staff.

Penguins get trolled in spectacular fashion.

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The rivalry between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators has really heated up after four games in the Stanley Cup Final, and fans in Nashville have been completely swept up by the moment.

Presumably at some point earlier in the week, one member of the Pittsburgh Penguins learned just how serious fans in Nashville are about their hockey, when he made the mistake of attempting to order a meal in enemy territory. 

Instead of having whatever it was that he ordered brought to his table, the restaurant instead decided to troll him in spectacular fashion by serving him a heaping plate of catfish. 

Needless to say, the look on the face of rookie Jake Guentzel reveals just how little he was amused by the prank, although we are sure it was meant as just good-natured fun from a rival fan base. 

Hopefully they were kind enough to provide him his actual meal after the fact.