Perry protects Crawford’s head as he collides into him

A moment of sportsmanship from… Corey Perry!?

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Anaheim Ducks forward Corey Perry has made a career out of getting in his opponent’s face, particularly the opposing goaltender’s face. The NHL’s biggest pest has made tens of millions of dollars by crashing the net or simply planting his skates in the crease and refusing to move. But, maybe Perry is turning over a new leaf in the latter stages of his career?

During a two on one break in last night’s game against the Chicago Blackhawks, Perry ended up colliding with Blackhawks netminder Corey Crawford but Perry made sure not to make contact with Crawford’s head. Crawford, of course, has a long history with concussion related injuries, to the point where his career would be put in serious jeopardy should he receive any more hits to the head.

Here’s the play in question:

Kudos to Perry for getting his hand up to protect Crawford’s head. I never thought I’d say this but… Corey Perry ACTUALLY displayed a level of sportsmanship. Maybe a tiger actually can change his stripes?