Peter DeBoer sets expectations sky high for next season.

A lofty goal for the Golden Knights.

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights have had an incredible run of success since entering the National Hockey League. While other expansion teams of the past have struggled out of the gate, the Golden Knights took the NHL by storm in the very first season, eventually making the Stanley Cup Final before falling to the Washington Capitals in the end.

Since then the team has been a contender in each and every season, but it now seems as though the expectations for this upcoming season will be even higher. Golden Knights head coach Peter DeBoer spoke with NHL reporter Gary Lawless over the weekend and it was during that interview that DeBoer set the expectations sky high for the upcoming season. When asked about the talent on his roster DeBoer made it clear that he had been very fortunate, and set the highest possible goal for that roster.

"The thing people have to remember is, and I think I've said it before, I've really been handed the keys to a Porsche and I do feel that," said DeBoer as per "I think this is a really good team with a chance to legitimately contend for the Stanley Cup both this year and going forward. But people have to remember there's other Porsches on the road, too. For us it's about hopefully finishing first next year, instead of fourth, out of 31 teams."

DeBoer knows that he has been handed a tremendous amount of talent on this roster and the offseason moves made by the Golden Knights have only served to further bolster that roster. The Golden Knights not only re-signed star goaltender Robin Lehner, giving the team an impressively deep tandem with Marc Andre Fleury as the backup, but they also added arguably the biggest free agent on the market by stunning everyone in the league and signing Alex Pietrangelo to a new deal.

To be fair there has been some concern about the egos involved in the goaltending situation, but DeBoer was quick to dismiss those concerns.

" Despite all of the noise out there about the two of them and comradery or teamwork, there's none of that," said the Golden Knights head coach. "There's no better pro in the NHL than Flower, and Robin Lehner for me has been the consummate team player from the moment he arrived here never asking for anything and earning everything he's got. It's a great situation for us to be in."