Phaneuf gets burnt again, gives up a big goal in the third.

Another tough moment in Phaneuf's Ottawa debut.

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It was a shaky debut for Dion Phaneuf in an Ottawa Senators uniform, one that featured a few bloopers, and one that saw him give up the eventual game winning goal.

During the third period of the Senators match up on the road in Detroit against the Red Wings, Wings star Henrik Zetterberg skated into the Ottawa zone, and Phaneuf was there to challenge him. Unfortunately for Phaneuf Zetterberg blew past him, and frankly it seemed like somewhat of a lacklustre effort from Phaneuf, but the end result was Zetterberg putting the puck in the back of the net for the 2-1 lead.

Ottawa would manage to get on the board later in the period, but that was the only goal they would manage, leaving Phaneuf looking less than impressive in his debut.