Pittsburgh's fan proves Penguins have the best crowd in the league.

You go man!

Pittsburgh's fan proves Penguins have the best crowd in the league.

Going to a hockey game is always a special moment. The sound, the smell and the overall ambiance is a show in itself, hockey being a very nice addition to the experience. 

Last Friday, Penguins' fan Jimmy Mains had an extra ticket for the game against Tampa Bay. He posted on Facebook, tried to reach friends but no luck, he had to go alone. Next time you can't find anyone Jimmy, just call us okay? 

Anyhow, while approaching the arena, Mains' came across a homeless man asking for money. The sight is common enough these days, but Jimmy decided tonight was different. After chatting for a bit, he invited Rob to the game. Yep, a totally unknown and homeless guy, but Jimmy didn't care. He wanted to make sure Rob wasn't cold that night, at least for a few hours. 

Rob turned out to be the perfect hockey buddy, singing the anthem from one end to the other and cheering loudly through the 5-2 Penguin's win. While chatting, he told Jimmy how he was about to get a new job and things were going the right direction. However, he never came into the arena before and this was a very special moment for him. They exchanged contacts and will probably remain friends down the line. 

It's not a story about discovering the cure to cancer or how to land on Mars. It's just a basic, human feel good story. But you know what? That's how we should all roll, day in and day out. 

Jimmy Mains, you're the man. 

Thanks to NHL.com for the story!