Player Safety announces discipline for Roman Josi's crosscheck on Corey Perry.

NHL Player Safety makes a ruling.

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The National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety has reviewed a play from Saturday that occurred during a matchup between the Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predators. According to an official announcement from DOPS the league has issued a $5,000 fine to Predators captain Roman Josi for a crosscheck he delivered to Dallas Stars forward Corey Perry.

Perry and Josi were battling for position in front of the Predators net when Perry, as he is often known to do, decided he would use some rather underhanded tactics to get under Josi's skin, and it worked for him. Perry delivered what looked like a pretty stiff slash to the back of Josi's lef, an area of the body that everyone who has played the game knows is entirely unprotected, and rather sensitive to pain on top of that. Josi clearly did not appreciate the gesture and his retaliation for the blow was swift and harsh. Josi turned on Perry almost immediately and delivered a hard crosscheck that initially struck Perry in the shoulder but continued its momentum, striking him directly in the face as well and sending him plummeting to the ice in a heap. 

It was a brutal blow on the part of Josi but there's no doubt that fans from around the league have completely sided with the Predators captain on this one, likely due in large part to that reputation I mentioned Perry has established for himself in the NHL. The Predators were not done there however and there was more payback in store for the Stars agitator. Predators forward Jared Tinordi would also give Perry a piece of his mind when he sent the Stars forward over the boards and into the Predators bench, and even gave him an extra shot when Perry had recovered from the impact.

Although no doubt the Predators are more than happy to walk away from this incident with only a $5,000 fine to Roman Josi there is a significant consequence attached to the fine for Josi. Should another play he is involved in be reviewed in the near future, this would see him treated as a repeat offender for that potential offense and would carry a stiffer penalty as a result.