NHL News : Players to NHL: Get better refs!
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Players to NHL: Get better refs!

C’mon, ref! Step your game up!

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National Hockey League players may not want to do his job, but always have fun when it is time to pretend to be NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Emily Kaplan of ESPN had several players sound off on current issues in the league, and they weren't shy to criticize referees. 

Chicago Blackhawks' Patrick Kane was quick to answer about something that takes too long, according to him. The coaches' challenges need to be completed faster and Kane admitted that most times, he can tell the decision ahead of the officials. 

"Don't let it be delayed as much. It's got to be quicker. Sometimes we already know what the answer is going to be a couple minutes before that. I know they need to hit the angles and figure it out to perfection, but it would be nice to see that a little bit quicker," Kane commented. 

Branden Holtby of the Washington Capitals and Florida Panthers forward Jonathan Huberdeau agreed on one thing: a "little more consistency from how the game is called and played from regular season to playoffs" is needed. 

"The referees are way different than they are in the season. I don't think in any other sport they're that different. In football, they're going to call something in the Super Bowl, last second. In hockey, sometimes it's less penalties [in the playoffs]," Huberdeau explained. 

Defenseman Ryan McDonagh of the New York Rangers just wants the truth. He demanded that the referees get the reviews and challenges right or if not, just to rule them out completely of the game. 

"In the end, if they want to keep that energy up in the building, maybe they consider just abolishing it, or maybe just add it for playoffs only, or last 10, 15 games when teams are fighting to get in the playoffs."

Interesting! Do you agree with the players? What do refs need to do differently to improve NHL hockey? 

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Source: ESPN
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