Players use the old age filter on FaceApp and it just looks wrong!

We don’t like this app one bit!

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The Age Challenge is trending and you know it was just a matter of time before NHL teams got into the mix and took on the challenge. 

Taking pictures without a filter nowadays seems impossible. And it seems like NHL players should also benefit from Snapchat filters when their pictures gets plastered all around social media, therefore teams started posting pictures of their star players with the old age filter on. 

Some of the results are quite scary. The Philadelphia Flyers didn’t want to play for too long, admitting they do not enjoy the filter. 

And we understand why when you see what captain Claude Giroux looks like… 

After Matt Cullen hung up the skates earlier this month, Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara became the oldest player in the league. However, at 42, he is far from looking like these guys and is still killing it on the ice. 

It does feel like ages since we saw some action on the ice: is it October yet?!