Predatory, extremely late and violent hit earns Farnham a suspension

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When the NHL player safety department describes your hit as predatory and violent, you know the hammer will be coming down.

Bobby Farnham hit Dmitrij Jaskin with an "extremely late" hit during the third period of the Devils/Blues game on Tuesday. Farnham had been hit and knocked down by Kevin Shattenkirk and when he got up he was looking for revenge. He saw Jaskin who was facing the direction where he passed the puck and a full second after the puck was gone, Farnham destroyed Jaskin with a very violent hit which saw Jaskin slam into the ice. Farnham hit him hard straight in the chest which sent Jaskin hard onto his back and head.

It is a hit that has no place in the game. Farnham received a 5 minute major penalty for interference and a 10 minute misconduct for the hit.

Due to the violent and predatory nature of the hit, Farnham has been given a 4 game suspension.

Here is the NHL's department of player safety video: