Preds’ Fisher attacks NHL for Forsberg suspension

The Preds’ veteran is back and he’s not happy!

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In case you missed it, the NHL’s Department of Player Safety has suspended Nashville Predators forward Filip Forsberg three games for his dangerous hit on New York Rangers forward Jimmy Vesey.

Here’s the play in question:

In its video explanation of the suspension, NHL Player Safety classified the play as a “high, forceful hit… that makes substantial head contact” delivered well outside “the allowable window to deliver a check”.

Officially Forsberg will be dinged his three games for “interference”, as it was deemed that he took a run at Vesey despite Vesey not having the puck. 

The recently un-retired Mike Fisher took to social media this afternoon in defense of his past and future teammate, calling out the NHL for its inconsistency in doling out suspensions:

Wow! The old man is not holding back! You tell ‘em, Fisher!