Preds' players make kids' dreams come true

The Predators are the classiest organization in the NHL.

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The Nashville Predators are known for their commitment to the community - they seek to engage fans and make them feel apart of the team.

One of their great initiatives is to have players join street hockey games - one only needs apply for the opportunity.

Nick Bonino and Yannick Weber, long-time friends from their time playing together for the Vancouver Canucks, surprised a group of unexpecting kids in the middle of their street hockey game - and joined the game.

You could tell the two NHL'ers were there to play and not just be there for a photo op. They made plays, stole the ball, scored goals - Bonino even scored the winner.

They also showed their parenting skills when the occasional moment allowed for it - such as when a kid would find himself down crying after getting hurt. They played for a good hour or so.

Weber and Bonino had a blast - the former even took the opportunity to take a jab at teammate P.K. Subban when he said to one of the participants: “Dude, you’ve got to get your stick down, you’re like P.K., jeez.”

It's moments like these that really separate hockey players from the rest of pro sport athletes. There's not nearly enough community involvement - and it's something that can really rally people and bring joy.