Price’s wife makes shocking comments on trade rumors!

A cheating scandal behind the goalie's downwhirl spiral?!

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With so many trade rumors and dressing room mayhem speculations being heard about Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price, wife Angela Price had enough and commented the ongoing situation on Monday night. On her Instragram account, she published a very important message to media members and fans out there: 

"Just for the record I am not getting divorced or threatening a divorce nor do I want to leave Montreal. Just in case anyone was interested...though, the rumors have been pretty entertaining."

Her message is quite clear! There has been several rumors going on concerning Price and some off-ice issues over the course of the past month. A controversial sports panelist Rejean Tremblay added to the chatter by stating that Angela had given him an ultimatum. 

"I hear the same rumors as you do. All of Quebec's got the same rumors. The rumor is, his wife told him 'We either leave Montreal or we get a divorce.'"

According to the same rumor, Price would have had an affair by in 2009. Angela would have learned about it and given him the ultimatum in hopes of leaving Montreal's chaos and save their couple and family. Tremblay has been a reporter since 1975 and it is not the first time he discusses controversial matters involving star players. 

Let's hope Angela is telling the truth, that Price is recovering from the mysterious lower-body injury and that he will be back soon to prove everyone wrong and the Canadiens right for having given him a lengthy lucrative contract!