Rangers insider reveals K'Andre Miller's role in the DeAngelo incident.

Miller was involved.


The New York Rangers currently find themselves in the middle of the hockey news cycle for all of the wrong reasons and of course controversial Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo is at the root of it all.

Earlier today we received confirmation regarding several details surround the altercation that we now know took place between DeAngelo and goaltender Alexander Georgiev following a 5 - 4 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night. In that report we covered comments from National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman in which he clearly outlines how DeAngelo instigated the altercation and how Georgiev and DeAngelo came to blows in the hallway.

Now however we have confirmation regarding an additional rumor that was floating around yesterday and that is in regards to a third member of the Rangers organization being involved. At the time it was believed that veteran Chris Kreider had been the man who intervened and stepped in to stop the fight, but now we know that it was actually rookie K'Andre Miller that broke up the altercation between the two men. This was confirmed by Rangers insider Larry Brooks of the New York Post, and there's no way he would report something like this with the risk of getting it wrong in such a serious incident.

There were reports yesterday that suggested that Miller had been involved in this incident in an entirely different manner, by being the target of mistreatment at the hands of DeAngelo. Those reports however appear to have either been very wrong or largely fabricated, given that Miller's own agent has since come forward and denied specific allegations that had been made against DeAngelo in regards to his treatment of Miller. 

What remains unclear from Brooks' report on this matter is what exactly Miller's level of involvement was here. Initially rumors suggested that a third Rangers had become involved in the physical confrontation, perhaps striking DeAngelo himself, but thus far that remains only unconfirmed rumor at this point. I will say that it seems unlikely Miller's agent would defend DeAngelo to some extent if the two had any genuine animosity towards one another. 

I expect more details will continue to pour out as this situation plays itself out in the next few days, so stay tuned for regular updates.