Rangers owner under fire after banning fan over harmless comment.

Rangers owner under fire.

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We do not often get to hear about New York Rangers owner James Dolan in the National Hockey League and that is because thankfully the Rangers appear to have been, at least largely, spared from his meddling. Dolan, who owns and operates the Madison Square Garden Company, has long been one of the msot universally reviled owners in all of North American pro sports but admittedly more so for his interference with the New York Knicks than with the Rangers themselves

I suppose at this point it should come as no surprise that Dolan has once again found himself at the center of negative media attention, this is spite of draconian policies that have prevented media critical of both the Knicks and the Rangers from covering the team, but this is a pretty disgusting look for the owner of any sporting franchise. This week Dolan had an interaction with one of the fans in attendance at Madison Square Garden as he was leaving a New York Knicks game that has since gone viral due to how Dolan himself behaved during the video, this in spite of the fact that Dolan was admonishing the fan for what he felt was inappropriate behavior. 

As Dolan was exciting the seating area of Madison Square Garden one frustrated fan saw his chance to make his feelings on the current state of his team known by yelling "sell the team" at Dolan as he passed him by. In the grand scheme of things it was a completely harmless comment and one that most would argue a fan should be allowed to express, especially when they pay hundreds of dollars to come watch the poor product you are putting out this season. Dolan did not see it that way however and what happened next has now caused a furor of backlash at Dolan on social media. 

Instead of merely ignoring the fan Dolan instead singled him out of the crowd and waved him over. Dolan wasn't doing this as some kind gesture however as he quickly told the fan that he would be banned from all future games at Madison Square Garden and would now be forced to watch the games from home. 

Additionally there have been some rumors that suggest Dolan had the main detained by law enforcement as well, although at this time I have not been able to find any evidence that corroborates those reports.