Rarely seen heavyweight fight between Deslauriers and MacDermid ends in unexpected way!

Fight of the year! AND what happened after will shock you!

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Nicolas Deslauriers was trying to get his Anaheim Ducks going as they were trailing 2-0 to the Los Angeles Kings in the second period of last night’s game and he didn’t take what it took. 

That’s why he did backed down and throw the gloves with another heavyweight fighter Kurtis MacDermid. 

The fight is not only a long one, it is full of heavy blows and a clear win by the Kings enforcer, who ended beating the crap out of Deslauriers. However, you have to applaud the Ducks enforcer for his performance in this rarely seen heavyweight fight on the ice. 

Check it out: 

The fight has gone viral on social media with many people calling it the best fight of the year so far in the NHL. 

In the penalty box after their fight, Deslauriers and MacDermid told one another how much they enjoyed the fight and gave each other a standing ovation for their fight. 

You gotta love it!