Reaves and Nurse throw down in EPIC heavyweight fight

There aren’t many of these left in the NHL! Thumbs up if you love an old school scrap.

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With not much happening on the scoresheet and both teams looking stale to start last night’s tilt between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Edmonton Oilers, leave it up to heavyweights Ryan Reaves and Darnell Nurse to provide the game with a spark. The 6’1”, 225 lb Reaves and the 6’4”, 220 lb Nurse squared off in the neutral zone, with the veteran Reaves getting the better of the youngster on this occasion. 

Check it out:

Man… Reaves, for all the criticism he receives from Penguins fans, is an intelligent enforcer. You rarely see him get tagged with a stray punch and he almost never puts himself in danger. He controls the fight, even though Nurse has the reach advantage, and pulls Nurse in tight when it’s time to reign things in. That’s a veteran fighter and there aren’t many of them left in today’s NHL.

We love it!