Reaves reveals his plan when joining the Penguins.

230 lbs of security.

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The Ryan Reaves trade surprised a few people last night, but it makes a lot of sense. The Penguins are a speedy and agile team but toughness is not really a part of their game. Sure, sometimes guys like Malkin will drop the gloves, but it's precisely NOT their primary mission in the roster. They need to put pucks in the net and sitting on the bench for 5 minutes will not help achieving that goal. 

By bringing Ryan Reaves to Pittsburgh, a big problem is solved. One of the last ''skilled goons'' around, Reaves can score goals and state the law at the same time. He's pretty lucid about his role. 

He adds a very clear image here. 

He was initially shocked about leaving the Blues behind, but then he thought about it a bit longer. 

Yep, there's a lot worst than that! Reaves will certainly change the game for Pittsburgh in a positive way. It will be a treat to watch in the upcoming season.