Red Wings confirm Filip Zadina has been injured.

Things just keep getting worse.

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When it rains it pours. 

The Detroit Red Wings are having themselves a historically bad season and there is little doubt in my mind that if the Red Wings fan base could hit fast forward on this campaign and get it over with that they would do so without hesitation. It is already a given that the team will miss the playoffs yet again under the leadership of head coach Jeff Blashill and there is very little optimism about the Red Wings season moving forward. Although there may be no good news coming for the Red wings this season, there is plenty of room for bad news.

Case in point, Sunday afternoon. According to multiple reports it now appears as though Red Wings forward Filip Zadina has been injured and will miss several weeks of action as a result of the injury. Initially reports suggested that Zadina would be out 2 weeks as a result of a lower body injury, however that has since been updated by some journalists as well as by the Red Wings themselves to a 2 - 3 week time frame for recovery from this particular injury. The most detailed report however comes from Max Bultman of The Athletic who believes that this injury did not occur on Saturday, but rather is the result of a lingering injury that Zadina has been dealing with.

"Zadina out 2-3 weeks with a lower body injury," wrote Bultman. "Sounds like it was a Friday injury he played through last night, but now he’ll be out a couple weeks. Atahanasiou back in the lineup and will take his place on the top line."

Of course the Red Wings might as well lose as many games as they can on their way to the National Hockey League's draft lottery so how you view this news will likely depend on how cynical of a fan you are. For the fans still tuning into the games this season the offensive flare of Zadina was one of the few bright spots for the Red Wings, at least as far as their play on the ice is concerned, and now they will be deprived of even that small joy for the next several weeks.