Referee stays down for several moments after taking a huge hit on Thursday night.

Ref took a bad hit he never saw coming.

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Every hockey fan has at one point or another wished for terrible things to happen to NHL officials in the heat of the moment, but no fan wants to see something like this.

Referee Kelly Sutherland was seriously shaken up after he was completely blind-sided by what turned out to be a pretty big hit from Los Angeles King Jake Muzzin, during a came he was calling between the Kings and the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's clear Muzzin did not intend to hit Sutherland it was just an unfortunate accident.

Not only did Sutherland get levelled, but he appeared to take the majority of the impact right under the chin, the kind of blow that will leave you seeing stars for several moments. Much to his credit, Sutherland was back on the ice calling the game in the following period.

That's one tough ref.