Report: Bettman makes an unpopular announcement.

Bettman saying all the wrong things.

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The National Hockey League's commissioner has made an announcement that is going to rub a lot of fans, and some of his players, the wrong way.

In a recent report Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune shared comments made by Gary Bettman regarding the prospect of the players from his league playing in the upcoming Olympic Games, and once again it sounded a lot like the NHL has very little interest in participating.

"We probably won't get to it in terms of serious discussions one way or another with players' association and the IIHF and the IOC until winter. It's not on the front-burner right now."

It's become abundantly clear over the years that the NHL simply feels that the allowing their players to play in the Olympics in the middle of their regular season, is a bad financial investment for the league, and it's clear they want more from the IIHF and the IOC if they are going to allow their players to participate. 

"There have been a lot of reports about positions that either the IOC or the IIHF have or will take and that's something we'll have to analyze at the time we have to make the appropriate decision," added Bettman.

It's not a definitive no, and with the winter Olympics scheduled for 2018 there is still time for the NHL to shift their position, but unless something major changes it's not looking good for hockey at the Winter Olympics.