Report: Calgary Flames’ financial struggles add more fuel to relocation talks

The situation is getting worse and worse in Calgary.

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The Calgary Flames’ tenure in Alberta is getting more tenuous with each passing day. The president of the organization has recently stated that the team is struggling financially, and with the ongoing fight with the city to pay for a new arena, Calgary might not have a team for much longer.

“We’ve gone from a top-10 revenue contributing team, where we wrote the cheques in the last few years to help the other teams, and we have now crossed the line, [...] we’re now receivers. We’ll get a cheque this year.” – Ken King, President of Calgary Flames

The Flames are now amongst the teams requiring support from the richer teams in the NHL, a position they are not used to being in. The need for a new arena is well-documented. They will continue to play there until it’s no longer an option. After that, the future is unclear.

With Seattle building a new arena, and one already built in Quebec City, Calgary fans will have to hope the city and team come to a resolution on an arena deal sonner rather than later.