Report: Canadian NHL franchise suffering massive decline in viewership and attendance.

Shocking report on the status of a Canadian NHL franchise.

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A Canadian hockey team may be in serious trouble.

The frustration from the fan base in Vancouver with the current state of their franchise, the Canucks, has been abundantly clear, but no one suspected that it would send the franchise into a free fall in terms of interest in the team.

A report from Matt Sekeres via Canucks Now has revealed that the Canucks are experienced a 30% decline in season ticket sales, a staggering number for a Canadian franchise, and perhaps even worse their TV audience has dropped a shocking 45%.

To lose nearly half your TV audience is frankly unfathomable for any sports franchise, for a Canadian hockey team it's nothing short of a major embarrassment. Ownership has to be acutely aware of this problem and with that in mind one has to wonder how long the team will be allowed to continue on it's current trajectory, or with it's current management structure and personnel.