Report: Cup contender still waiting for NHL's critical decision

The decision will cause an important change in the lineup!

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Forward Marian Hossa is not the only still waiting for an answer. The National Hockey League has yet to rule if the veteran is eligible for long-term injured reserve.

The Chicago Blackhawks are hoping the ruling is positive and comes at them shortly, so they can have the $5.275 million in salary-cap relief that comes with it. 

‘‘Marian Hossa underwent an independent medical evaluation several days ago,’’ NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly wrote in an email to the Sun-Times. ‘‘We are waiting for the report. Once we have that, we should be in a position to determine his proper status.’’

In June, Hossa announced that he will sit out the 2017-18 season due to a skin disorder and the side effects of the medication he had to take for it. 

The Hawks would like to get Hossa on LTIR once the NHL season begins Oct. 4, so they can quickly use the cap space made available by their season opener Oct. 5.

A positive outcome would allow GM Stan Bowman to make significant changes to his team and allow the Hawks to remain a Cup contender - or even become a more menacing one.