Report: Details of 2021 NHL schedule finally revealed

Including back to back to back to back games! A quadruple header!


Since the NHL officially announced its return to play plan this past weekend, details about just how the league will operate this upcoming season are few and far between. Sure, there are logistics still to be sorted out, but so far fans don't even know if they'll be allowed to attend games, which teams will in fact play in their home cities and what the schedule will look like.

What we do know however is that the 2021 NHL season will feature a 56 game intra-divisional schedule with four new re-aligned divisions. The three American divisions (East, Central, West) will feature eight teams and will play each other eight times apiece. The Canadian division (North) will feature seven teams playing each other nine times apiece. 

But... what will the schedule itself look like? Finally, Sportsnet insider Chris Johnston with a scoop for hockey fans:

Wow! Quadruple headers!?

Back to back games were expected and honestly it's probably a smart way to continue for the next few years, if for no other reason than financial reasons and to minimize the burden and expense of first class travel. But, back to back to back to back games? That's wild... I'm not the biggest baseball fan, but I don't believe such a thing even exists in the MLB. 

Hopefully we can get some clarity over the next week or so about which teams will actually be playing in their host cities and which teams are allowed to have fans in attendance. Stay tuned, hockey fans.