Report: Flames brass takes out election frustration on social media

Nenshi’s back and the Flames are NOT happy about it. But, comparing him to Trump? Come on…

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It’s official: Naheed Nenshi will be back in the mayor’s chair for another four years. And while he won the majority of the vote in a democratic process, certain members of the Calgary Flames management group still aren’t happy. Flames communications manager Sean Kelso took to Twitter late last night to voice his displeasure and even comparing Nenshi to US President Donald Trump

Check it out:

The tweet, now deleted, set off a firestorm of controversy from Flames fans who are sick of hearing political opinion and ideology from a sport’s franchise. The Flames had made it no secret that they were backing Bill Smith in the mayoral election, mainly due to his promise to secure $1.2 billion for the team in its construction of a new arena.

In any case, Nenshi is mayor and if the Flames want to continue to do business in Calgary, they’ll need to change their business strategy.