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Report: Gerard Gallant closing in on new NHL contract

Turk is back in the big leagues, baby!


According to a report from NHL insider Darren Dreger of TSN, the New York Rangers are "keenly interested" in veteran head coach Gerard Gallant and it's expected that the team and coach will come to an agreement on his hiring in short order.

Dreger's comments on Gallant from TSN1050 radio earlier today:

"I'd be gobsmacked if Gerard Gallant is offered a deal by the New York Rangers and didn't take it."
"I know the New York Rangers are keenly interested in Gerard Gallant."

Gallant, of course, is fresh off a gold medal victory with Team Canada at the 2021 IIHF World Championships. There was little risk of Gallant not re-joining the NHL for next season, he's simply too good of a coach to stay unemployed this long. He's been out of work since being unceremoniously dumped by the Vegas Golden Knights mid-season last year amidst a four game losing streak. Since then Gallant has bided his time and it's clear that he's been waiting for the perfect opportunity before jumping back into the NHL.

With the Rangers, Gallant will be in charge of helping a young, skilled team take the next step in their development. The pieces are all there for the Rangers to be a dangerous team for the next decade, all they're lacking is a coach who can inspire them to play the right way. And if you're looking for an inspiration coach, you could do a lot worse than Gallant. It's no secret that Gallant, affectionately known as "Turk" is a popular coach with players and has a penchant for getting the absolute most out of his teams. There weren't many people giving the Golden Knights much credit when they broke into the NHL in 2017, but Turk led them all the way to the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season. He won't have that much work to do with the Rangers, so don't be surprised if the Rangers take a big next season under Gallant.

I've got to be honest though that I'm shocked Gallant never ended up with the Detroit Red Wings. He's a former Red Wings player and has a long history with Red Wings GM and franchise icon Steve Yzerman. Like I said earlier though, Gallant has clearly been waiting for the right opportunity.

Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.
Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.