Report: Hunwick suffered setback in his concussion recovery

He may be out for longer than expected.

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Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Matt Hunwick sustained a concussion way back on October 17th and has since missed nearly a month of action.

He appeared to have made good progress in his recovery, but today, it was announced that he seemingly suffered a setback.

'Plateau's' in recovery happen - and if history is any indication with other players in similar situations, it signals a very difficult time for a concussed player. It becomes a point where you have no idea if you'll be back in a couple days, or a couple weeks.

Hunwick is a good, and smart puck mover on the back end, and for a team struggling to keep the puck out of the net, his absence is missed. 

The Penguins are a near league-worst in goal differential, sitting on -18. That's 3rd worst in the league. They've been blown out by wide margins too many times this year - Hunwick won't be the answer to their woes, but he will certainly help.