Report: Jagr vents frustration over lack of NHL deal

Is the writing on the wall for the living legend? Has his time finally come?

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Future Hall of Famer Jaromir Jagr still believes in himself. You would think that his 16 goals and 46 points in 82 games for the Florida Panthers last season would provide proof positive of his value, but here we sit on July 25th and the 45 year-old veteran remains without an NHL contract.

Speaking to Denik Sport hockey reporter Zdenek Janda is Jagr’s hometown of Kladno, Czech Republic the living legend reiterated that getting an NHL contract is still a priority for him. "I don´t think I am so bad that I couldn´t play there [the NHL],” he said.

It’s hard to argue against Jagr, given his immense track record. While he’s a shadow of his former self, 46 points in today’s NHL is nothing to turn your nose up at. Also, Jagr has “been there, done that” with regards to just about anything in the NHL, so his veteran experience and leadership could be a worthwhile addition to a young team. The question really comes down to a fit in playing style. 

It’s no secret that Jagr’s skating ability has slowed down in the twilight of his career, so he’d need to catch on with a more puck-possession, playmaking orientated team. And with today’s NHL trending more towards speed and puck pursuit, Jagr is a bit of anomaly. So, where’s a good fit? Los Angeles? Anaheim? St Louis? Dallas?