Report: Laine turns down bridge deal

It seems like money is an issue here too…

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Patrik Laine isn’t the only star restricted free agent still left unsigned as training camps open, however, it seems like the Winnipeg Jets might have recently taken a step back in trying to ink him. 

According to Andy Strickland of Fox Sports, the Jets reportedly made a short-term offer to Laine in the $5 million per year range, believed to be lower than $6M, but couldn’t get him to agree. 

It is not believed that term is the issue, but that the Jets will need to come up with more money. 

It was recently mentioned by NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman that Laine’s attitude might be a problem in the team’s dressing room, which could push the Jets to get him under contract for just a few years. 

Here is what Friedman had to say earlier this week: 

“Laine’s looking for a bridge, but his situation is unique. This is as much about “fit” as anything. Scheifele and Blake Wheeler are hard-driving perfectionists. They demand a lot of themselves and of everyone around them. There’s not much of an “off” switch. It’s wrong to say Laine doesn’t care, but he likes to relax, turn off his brain and do other stuff. If I’m the Jets, I’d like his game to evolve — the sooner, the better — but I recognize his incredible talent and am not giving up on it. Everyone here has to work to understand each other, for the betterment of the team.”

However, they will need to come up with more money for shorter term… 

To be continued…