Report: Leafs' pressure tactics lead to Holland signing new deal.

Leafs' get Holland to sign after applying some pressure.

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The Maple Leafs sent a rather clear message to center Peter Holland last week and it appears that Holland may have got the message.

The 25 year old center was asking for a big raise in salary this season, $2.1 million to be exact, and when the Leafs countered with an offer of just $900,000 it seemed like we were destined for arbitration.

However last week the Leafs called that bluff, placing Holland on waivers effectively giving every other NHL club the opportunity to claim him, and none of those clubs elected to do so. It would have been a powerful negotiating tool for the Leafs in arbitration, something that Holland's management is of course acutely aware of, and that like led to today's signing.

While the Leafs did not officially disclose the terms of the deal, according to Elliotte Friedman it's a one year, $1.3 million dollar deal, a far cry from his original ask.