Report: NHL broadcasters will work from home to cover Stanley Cup Playoffs

Great… can’t wait to see Doc and Pierre on their couch in boxer shorts.

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While we still yet don’t know exactly when and where NHL hockey will be played this summer, we’re getting a little more clarification on how it’ll be broadcasted. There are rumours that the NHL is going to go heavy on production costs this summer with additional camera angles and unique perspectives on U.S. and Canadian broadcasts, but the broadcasters themselves will ultimately call the game remotely. 

In his latest column for the CBC, Jim Morris reports that Hockey Night in Canada broadcasters will “work from home” in calling the games. The NHL is working on the logistics of its “bubble” for hub cities, which will of course include players, coaches and support staff but will reportedly NOT include media analysts or commentators Sportsnet Vice President Rob Corte said the current plan is for no commentators to be allowed inside the bubble — only cameramen, technicians and production staff.

“Part of the challenge is, there’s been so many different ideas and potential ways to do this,” Corte said. “We’ve been having so many discussions, and when you think you’re moving in a certain direction, then about 10 more questions come up that actually disqualify everything you have been thinking before.

“That’s probably been the frustrating part.”

For the full article from Jim Morris, click below: