Report: NHL has officially sold Ad Space on jerseys.

The NHL taking the first step to increasing advertising revenue.

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There have long been rumors of advertising on jerseys in the National Hockey League, and every time the conversation has come up the backlash from fans has been massive. The NHL appears to have found a way to test the idea, or perhaps to get fans acclimated to what some believe is inevitable.

According to a report from Chris Creamer of the league has already made the move to sell advertising space on the jerseys for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey, meaning NHL fans can expect a preview of things to come as early as this September.

It's important to note that the Worlds Cup is an NHL and NHLPA event, and that indicates that both parties are very receptive to the idea of adding advertisement to official NHL jerseys as well, the question is now no longer if the NHL will advertise on their team jerseys, but rather when we can expect that change to come.