Report: NHL insider confirms star player “is going to get traded”

The former 30 goal scorer would immediately make an impact no matter where he ends up.

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TSN insider Darren Dreger was on Edmonton’s TSN 1260 sports radio station this morning discussing possible trade scenarios throughout the NHL for the upcoming offseason and happened to drop one juicy rumor: Matt Duchene will get traded.

When talking about possible trade partners for the Anaheim Ducks and their bumper crop of young defensemen, Dreger connected the dots to the Colorado Avalanche and speculated that Duchene may be a fit in Orange County.

“The interest is developing and growing significantly. But does that mean that a team like Colorado, as an example, is going to move out one of their bigger pieces. Matt Duchene is going to get traded – at least that’s my view – in this off-season. Is Matt Duchene what the Anaheim Ducks are looking for? Probably not, but you never know.”
“So I think that Bob Murray is going to sift through the options between now and not just the expansion draft, but the draft; and if the deal makes sense based on the combination of assets coming back, then clearly he makes it.”

Could you imagine the Ducks rolling out a 1-2-3 punch at center ice of Ryan Getzlaf, Ryan Kesler and Matt Duchene? That would rival any team in the NHl in terms of center ice depth. For now, however the trade remains merely a rumor, but don’t count it out just yet. Dreger maintains that Duchene will be moved somewhere, anywhere, this offseason.