Report: NHL makes major announcement regarding salaries for 2017-18

This could really change the landscape and allow for some big money deals this summer.

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NHL insider and Sportsnet senior writer Chris Johnston reported earlier today that the NHL has increase the league salary cap from $73 million to $75 million. While that may not seem like much or a change, the additional $2 million in cap space will mean the world to cap-strapped teams like the Chicago Blackhawks, Anaheim Ducks and New York Rangers.

Johnston’s colleague at Sportsnet, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman also reported that the league’s salary floor, that is its lower salary threshold, will rise from $54 million to $55.4 million for 2017-18, as well.

This has to be welcome news for NHL GM’s who are facing the pressure of not only signing unrestricted free agents this summer, but also re-signing their own players to new contracts. The added flexibility of a $2 million increase should mean that we, as hockey fans, get to see a little more action this offseason.