Report: NHL set to make drastic rule changes?

Are you kidding me!? This would change the record books forever!

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According to a report from Sportsnet analysts and NHL insiders Chris Johnston and Elliotte Friedman, the NHL and its general managers are set to discuss some major rule changes at their next meetings in March.

On the agenda according to Johnston, reducing penalties in overtime from 2 minutes to just 1 minute. Apparently, this rule change has already been discussed, with no consensus yet on whether or not the rule will be implemented. 

Other rules under review according to Friedman, reducing the “puck over the glass” penalties and face-off infraction penalties to one minute, as well. 

Hey… NHL here’s an idea: if these penalties aren’t worth 2 minutes, why not get rid of them entirely? Is this just another example of the NHL getting in its own way? Would anyone be terribly upset if they got rid of these two rules?

The OT rule is interesting, but it may lead to more hooking and holding at a crucial point in the game. Regardless, none of these rules could be implemented in time for the 2018-19 season.